Horticulture & Landscape Consultancy

Enabling practical, aesthetic and sustainable landscapes that are relevant to the user. Onsite consultation is an efficient way to define design needs

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Landscape Design & Project Management

This is where ideas are brought into reality.Real estate being at premium, focus is on expanding the living experience from indoors to outdoors, merging both seamlessly through day and night.

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Horticulture as Therapy

Service geared towards drawing upon the positive influence of working with nature. This service is useful for many, including  children, senior citizens, recovering patients etc.

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Make Learning Alive

A School Horticulture Program - Unique and holistic program for school children. Based on experiential learning. Gaining on the concepts of science and maths while learning to grow and nurture.

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  Original, Distinctive and Engaging design. 

Landscapes should be meaningful and nurturing to the user, whether for a family or a public use. Its never just about the plants, rather about how the experience comes together. In urban life a disconnect from nature effects us negatively. My attempt is to bring a non judgemental restorative environment that can be lived and worked in.



The goal is to bring nature and art close to people in such a way that it can easily become part of their living  and enhance the quality of their life. For every person, lifestyle, space & usage, the solution is unique. The right combination of horticulture and art impacts in profound ways. I use space, purpose and a variety of elements to create sustainable and engaging outdoor living experiences. The configuration of such engagement varies based on the requirements of the users. The users can be individuals, family, staff or community. 

What these spaces do over a period of time - They Nurture.


  About Me

It has been a privilege to grow around trees and beautiful greenery.  Many life lessons were imbibed from the surrounding nature. As destiny would have it I received the best education and training in horticulture at Banaras Hindu University (IND), Ohio State University (USA) and Landscape Design School (NZ). The process has trained me to decipher the impact of various dimensions of green and aesthetics on the quality and usage of open spaces. I apply this knowledge and dedicate myself to the practices of horticulture and its multiple applications. For more than a decade now, I have been publishing articles to improve awareness and knowledge on suitable landscape design. I believe in its power to impact individuals as well as communities.

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