Horticulture & Landscape Consultancy

Enabling practical, aesthetic and sustainable landscapes that are relevant to the user.

Onsite consultation is an efficient way to define design needs, troubleshooting, evaluating feasibility of ideas etc. For every situation, scope and expected outcome varies. An expert can help in determining the right balance. From spatial planning, suitable plant palette, hardscape, rejuvenation of old landscapes to reduction in maintenance, this 2 hr session can provide plenty guidance to avoid costly mistakes. This service is useful for small projects, individual homeowners, tired looking or challenging to maintain community/apartment landscapes, recovery/ rehabilitation centers, offices, schools, hospitals etc. Guidance is provided on sustainable maintenance practices that enhance the richness of space with lesser inputs. Workshops are also organised for groups to gain training on practicing  home gardening successfully.

Landscape Design & Project Management

This is where ideas are brought into reality.

Real estate being at premium, focus is on expanding the living experience from indoors to outdoors, merging both seamlessly through day and night. Via speciality design, a space can take any orientation based on the user requirements and preferences. Speciality spaces uniquely set the landscapes apart. Development of such design is a process. First step is understanding user requirements and space attributes, followed by exploring the possibilities of the space. After an agreement on design perspective, the design concept is developed. Post concept approval a 3D visual is presented. Details of every aspect of design are worked out. The final details are explained to the construction team and design is handed over. Based on client requirements and scope of work, site visits can be scheduled during project execution to ensure adherence to the design. Assistance in vendor and material selection can also be provided.

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Horticulture as Therapy

Service geared towards drawing upon the positive influence of working with nature. 

This service connects people and plants in the field of 1. Health Care, 2. Human Services, 3. Therapeutic Programs. It can be used for A)Treatment, B) Rehabilitation, C) Community. The programs support individuals in the growing process to achieve their full potential.

Horticulture therapy is a client centered program that utilizes horticulture activities to meet specific therapeutic and rehabilitative goals of its participants. Client is someone who has an identified need for intervention to improve 1. Cognitive 2. Emotional, 3. Physical, 4. Social Functioning.

A very diverse range of clients in terms of age, abilities and limitations can be benefitted. Individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, special needs, trauma, aggression, life altering disabilities, low self esteem, senior citizens  etc. can find purposeful means of growing out or coping with the changed realities. This is a powerful catalyst for positive human development.

Horticulture therapy

"Make Learning Alive"- School Horticulture Program

Explore, Nurture, Experiment, Learn! 

A unique, holistic and fun filled hands on learning for school children by growing food. Topics covered include Science - Soil, Environment, Plant, Nutrition, application of Maths, and a wide range of life skills gained only by doing. The program can be adopted as an indoor or outdoor, year long or capsule workshop. Children work with soil to prepare for growing plants, sow, nurture and harvest while recognizing the abilities of nature, self and team work. Children become more aware, develop a wider perspective of science & nature. Continuity in working with nature improves focus and reduces anxiety. Our work has shown very enthusiastic participation of children. Also for channelizing the energies constructively, this activity is chosen voluntarily by children.

Make learning alive