I had an empty terrace space which I wanted to convert into a terrace garden. Being a working woman, I also wanted something that was low maintenance, low cost but aesthetically planned.With these criteria and my limited knowledge on gardening I was looking for someone to guide and help me.It was then that I connected with Ms Surabhi. It was very easy to convey my ideas to her. She comprehended my requirements and used her expertise to covert my barren terrace area into a green zone. Now my terrace looks beautiful and is the most popularly used areas for parties and family time.She also educated me with gardening tips which helped me maintain the terrace with ease.

Thanks Surabhi for everything!

Mrs. Preeti Gopinath


Surabhi..It was a very interesting and knowledgeable workshop.

It is a practical and created interest for everyone.

Thanks a lot Surabhi to bring about more awareness and interest in us towards various topics about kitchen garden, healing effect, bring children and elderly people etc..

I really liked all the topics you covered. I spoke about your talk so my friends are also taking interest towards it. 

Looking forward to more learning and implementation.

Swakruta Members


swakruta testimonial

Surabhi has been guiding us through our several projects. Low maintenance and sustainability is very important to us. Keeping that in perspective she has developed several niche spaces for our daily use. Be it sitting with our senior citizen friends in evening fragrant garden or taking our morning walk to pick fragrant flowers, we are reminded of her thoughtful planning in many ways. From bare to lush, our two terraces serve completely different purpose. One is our most favourite space - extension of the living - garden sit out which we use through the day, enjoying the Bangalore breeze, and other is our produce garden. With her guidance we are able to grow trees in our terrace pots. Pooja flowers, fresh herbs all in abundance. 

Mr. and Mrs. Murthy


I had a unutilised balcony space with a row of pots! I wanted it to serve as a green space where I could spend more time, even have guests in. I approached Surabhi to change the look and feel of it. She guided me through what would work and what will not. The outcome was a dream come true for us. The plants, their arrangement, the ideas of how to use plants as shades for privacy, make the balcony a livable space..everything was unique. My husband and myself simply love to sit, eat,  have coffee, read and even work there:-)

Dr. Laxmi Anand